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Culinary @ The Foundation is one of our pillars and is deeply connected to the nature business collective and Panchabhuta's farm to table strategy. Focus is on fresh ingredients that are tirelessly prepared every single day by our chefs and kitchen staff. The space, the culinary delights, the crockery & cutlery, well trained staff and the presentation is designed for a celebration on the plate at AKA. In any dish served, every time!


Strategically located at the cul de sac of the 7km Nirvana beach with a hillock backdrop, AKA dining spaces are truly designed for a culinary treat experience. With a spectacular view of the ocean and the seamless inside outside casual feel, the ambience has phenomenal potential to emerge as a high quality space for co-working and family dining. The spirit of the place is ideal for both inhouse groups, retreats and walk-in customers especially for family outings.

The Food

The food concept is derived and crafted from the generous handover of culinary excellence through many generations of the founders family. The culinary delicacies are a perfect blend of spices, herbs and botanicals of the western ghats with the coastal ingredients. The food concept is a clever fusion of fresh ingredients by our well trained chefs, presented and delivered as a celebration on the plate.

Garden to

What will set AKA apart from the rest is deep commitment to grow our own vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Our organic, nutritious and delicious brown rice is grown at our own paddy fields. AKA plans to have its own greenhouse to grow some of the exotic herbs, botanicals, leafy vegetables that go into the Farm to Table Experience.

Luxury of

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