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Retreat @ The Foundation is a creative expression of Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation with the sole purpose of inspiring collaboration towards the creation of a Circular Green Economy that would emerge from a Collective of responsible natural enterprises.

Rewilding @ the Retreat Our property is inspired by our Innovation Toolkit & Rewilding(Permaculture) design ethos. With attention and intention, our goal is to deliver immersive experiences for our collaborators to dive deep into resetting priorities in the lap of Nature’s luxury.

Located at the doorstep of Aghanashini estuary and cul de sac of Nirvana beach, Panchabhuta Habitat is designed as a contemporary natural environment, blending gorgeously with the Kagal Fort hillock, the rocks, golden sands, pristine blue waters, estuarine backwaters, coconut palms, and paddy fields that offer the perfect setting for magical experiences and for stimulating the mind landscape for an extraordinary Future with Nature.

Responsible Tourism


Resorts & Hotels


F&B, SPAs & Wellness

Adventure Sports & ECO Trails

Caravan parks

Art & Craft Villages

Led by sustainable and experiential design: Uttara Kannada is a paradise district blessed with pristine ecospheres and stunning landscapes. The district features as one of the favored destinations in the Karnataka Tourism Policy 2020-2025. With a new airport on the anvil, Uttara Kannada presents an extraordinary opportunity of all sizes and scale of responsible tourism in every sector of tourism - beach, coastal, wellness, religious, ecotourism, Agri homestay tourism, adventure tourism. PCF has developed prefab prototypes that could seamlessly integrate, under permaculture design principles, as rooms for offer to guests by local homestay entrepreneurs. PCF plans to showcase progressive early adopters of a homestay geo-tourism strategy that could be scaled across the district. Target – 150 resort/hotel enterprises, 1000 homestay entrepreneurs, 10000 jobs.

Food Agri and Agroforestry

Staple & Cash crops

Horticulture & Apiculture


Herbs & Spices

Medicinal Plants

Cold Storage

Farming Equipment and Natural Fertilizers

Science-backed and Technology-driven: By far the largest vertical. Huge potential for transformation and impact to the population. Uttara Kannada needs Food Labs, Cold chains, intensive cultivation techniques, soil growing technologies and cutting-edge branding/marketing/e-commerce platforms. Move away fertilizer and water-intensive farming to sustainable Agroforestry. Conserve Water. Enhance crop diversity. Higher yields. Protect the biodiversity of the Western Ghats. Target – 10,000 farmers, 2500 food enterprises, 20,000 jobs

Responsible Construction








Changing the game of Carbon Footprint: Potentially an area for massive transformation and impact. Use of natural materials, reusing, recycling waste materials, and reducing the use of concrete and new plastics. Sustainable timber and bamboo could emerge as a critical construction materials. At the back of a major policy change, an entirely new bamboo economy to be seeded and nurtured - bamboo farmers, nurseries, harvesting & logistics, treatment plants, construction, furniture, products, and especially target single-use plastics. Driving costs down. Inspiring new skills development. Supply locally and globally. Target – 5000 bamboo farmers, 500 entrepreneurs, 5000 jobs

Marine Produce and Fisheries

Dry fish

Cold Storage

Seafood Processing

Sauces & Oils



Marine Technology

Bringing back Oceans to Life: Innovate new products offerings and value add to existing products to drive new enterprises that will increase shelf life and value of marine produce. Uttara Kannada also has the potential to create local entrepreneurship and new cooperatives to spur new skills and employment. Estuaries, gazani lands, backwaters, upstream rivers area ideal for aquaculture - shrimp, oyster, crab, seaweed and inland fisheries can thrive in Uttara Kannada resulting lesser pressure on ocean fisheries. New business models. Artisanal products. Target - 50 marine enterprises, 500 entrepreneurs, 5000 jobs.

Sustainable Energy & Transportation

Solar Energy Production & Storge

Battery Charging & Interchange

Charging Stations

EVS – 2, 3, 4 Wheelers, Boats

Financing For Segment

Technology, IOT, Apps, Analytics

Certification, Evangelization

Quantum shift to Renewables: Shift to renewables in central to the energy & transportation strategy. Solar, Wind, Waste Biomass, and Biofuel hold a lot of promise in the district. To align and converge with India’s policy to convert 30% of vehicles to electric, Uttara Kannada has potential to change both its water transport and road transport systems to electric mode in the next 10 years. This will involve in creating a whole new ecosystem and a new paradigm for transportation. Target – 500 MW renewable energy production, 100 enterprises, 500 entrepreneurs, 5000 jobs.

Conservation Foundation

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Here at Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation the preservation of ecosystem services and the halt of biodiversity loss are identified as key pillars of the green economy,, we are driven by learning from nature and environment and assigning ourselves towards its responsibility; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high-quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits


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