Sustainability Practices

We need to view natural capital just as we view financial capital. If we deplete our stocks and flows without replenishing, there will no be no returns in the future. Climate risk is real and is massive. It can wipe out everything to bring great poverty and suffering! Massive investments are needed to meet the huge climate challenge. Great urgency is needed. In our own small way, we at Panchabhuta are not only practicing sustainability in daily operations but creating a platform for a full-on participation for a responsible natural economy in our biodiverse geography. A new canvas of hope! Conservation. Communities. Commerce.
We advocate a move from Fertilizer Agriculture to Regenerative Agroforestry. From Fossil Fuels to Renewables. Clean air, clean water, clean soil.
We love Recycling and a Circular Green Economy. By controlling pollution on land, we need to bring back life to Oceans, Estuaries, Rivers, and Lakes.
We teach that Re-wilding and Bio diversifying habitats will bring more Eco Tourism revenues and jobs.
We provide stewardship for the creation of Innovative Green Enterprises that will help sustain the local ecology and habitats.

Practice @
the Habitat

Aligning to the vision of Panchabhuta, we try to maintain 'Conservation' are the core of all that we practice; guiding our staff and persuading guests to take measures to conserve resources while maintaining comfort and delivering an experience of sustainability.


We look to nature for inspiration. There is no waste in nature. Applying the principles of decomposing, biodegradation, bioremediation, natural scavenging and phytoremediation, we breakdown everything for reuse and closed loop waste cycle. Constantly reducing, reusing, recycling and upcycling.


We adopt a balanced approach to water sustainability by managing all the sources of our groundwater and rainwater. Waste water in being channeled through our phytoremediation gravel gardens for filtration and reuse at our vegetable gardens. We adopt techniques to reduce water consumption and teach our staff and guests to be mindful of water usage.


Local community is at the heart of our design and delivery at Panchabhuta. Besides our inclusive green enterprises collective, we employ local communities and provide exposure and skills development. We also depend on the local knowledge, wisdom and participation in delivering guest experiences.


Panchabhuta has been mapping the natural resource and conducting social economic research over the past 6 years with a goal to create opportunities for local Livelihoods. We are creating and you will find in your shop products made of Kokum butter, Forest Honey, Sea salt, Mineral rich clay, Aghanashini Turmeric, Citronella and lemongrass, Virgin coconut oil and Bio active charcoal.

Responsible Construction@ The Retreat

Panchabhuta Habitat has been crafted out of natural materials(wood, bamboo, twigs, stones, mud) and labour sourced locally. There is significant reuse and repurpose of materials. We have kept our structures temporary and light on the ground especially the front and back of the house. Designers have paid special attention to weave the natural light and wind elements to reduce use of lights and air-conditioning.

Panchabhuta Habitat daily sustainable practices

  • LED bulbs in the whole habitat
  • All lights, plugs, and fans on solar energy
  • Eco-friendly amenities bottles
  • Organic toiletries
  • Bamboo toilet paper
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Bamboo facial tissue
  • Copper buckets & mugs
  • Bin for towels to be washed or not
  • Greenroom choice
  • Glass water bottles
  • Water-efficient showerhead or water with a bucket
  • Compost pit
  • Naturel waste management
  • Recycle bins in the property
  • Beach day cleaning time joining
  • Daily Community actions
  • No plastic bottles/ filter water container only
  • Organic products/ Homegrown products
  • Organic crockery and cutleries
  • Plastic-free property!
  • Bamboo napkins
  • Bamboo Kitchen towel
  • Compost garbage bags

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